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Ltd. Evrica Commerce Ltd.

Bulgarian company - solid wood furniture manufacturer, specializing in the production of all types of solid wood furniture for your house, garden, bedroom, kitchen, hotel, restaurant, bar etc.
"Evrica Commerce Ltd." is well established Bulgarian Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturer. We can produce almost any type of furniture, fitted or free standing to a fine finish supplying both trade and retail at incredible prices.

All the products we offer are made from solid pine, beech, poplar, oak and cherry woods.

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Company contact information
Country: Bulgaria
City: Gabrovo
Address: Bulgaria, Gabrovo 5300, Str. Hristo Botev 16
Phone: + 359 (66) 80-67-66
Mobile phone: + 359 (888) 69-91-99
Fax: + 359 (66) 80-67-63
URL address: http://www.evrica.dir.bg
Contact person: Mincho Dimitrov Minkov
Position: President

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